U Shaped Kitchen

The U shape designs surrounds the looks on all sides and allows for ample countertop space and storage. The kitchen layout resembles a parallel kitchen but with one end closed off and the other open which plenty of space for storage, cooking, prepping, and maybe even a small eating area at one end. This is suitable for both the small and large kitchens. The U shape layout is ideal for creating large amounts of storage space. By this you can accommodate most of the required kitchen appliances and also give you ample space for wall cabinets.

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At flapto, we pride ourselves on the use of high-quality products that have been customized for use. We have strong quality control systems in place to ensure that nothing but the best leaves our hands to do up your home. Such is our commitment to quality that we offer a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. This means that all that you order from us will be covered right from the day of installation at no extra cost.


Once you have finalized on your design and the order confirmed, the estimated time of delivery is 45 days via standard delivery option. The 45 days is calculated from the date of design finalization or order confirmation date, whichever is later.

While we ensure that you receive your orders within the delivery time indicated in our shipping policies, the unexpected is not something we have control over. In the case of such unforeseen or uncontrollable events, there may be a delay in delivery. As an esteemed customer, we will be in constant touch with you to apprise of any changes in delivery schedules.

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